Mobile Dog Grooming

Premium Bath and Trim
For when your pet needs a little more than a bath but not a full haircut..

  • This “bath & trim” spa treatment includes all of the above services as well as trimming of the face, feet and tail. It does not include any body clipping. This is great for your doggie's in between full grooming sessions. So basically, an "upkeep" appointment.

Premium Bah
  • A thorough evaluation of your pet’s skin and coat
  • Up to fifteen minutes of brushing/combing (de-matting and/or de-shedding and thinning out of coat)
  • Warm, therapeutic bath with premium deep cleaning and conditioning shampoo
  • Conditioning and finishing spray
  • Ears cleaned, deodorized and lightly plucked if needed
  • Tearless Blueberry facial cleanser
  • Always hand blow dried with a heatless variable speed dryer (great for timid or first time grooms)
  • Nail ​clipping and/or dremelling (shapes nails and smooths edges)
  • External anal gland expression (helps prevent rug scooting)


Specialty add on Treatment

Your dog will receive a luxurious 10-15 minute Ionic Colloidal Silver shampoo treatment*. $5-15 depending on size of dog.

*Bacteria and fungi cannot live in the presence of silver. This shampoo contains 30 ppm Ionic Colloidial silver and is used to effectively treat hot spots, virus warts, fungal infections, yeast infections, scaling, eczema, dandruff and many other skin problems.

All mobile grooms starts at $55 regardless of breed and age.

Factors that may make the price increase includes but not limited to: large dogs, aggression, special needs, fleas, excessive matting, specialty products.  

If you call and request a quote note that without seeing your dog, our quote cannot be guaranteed.

Stillwater, Oklahoma and surrounding areas.

Premium Bath with Full Groom
For when you want your pet looking their very best!

  • The “Full Groom” spa treatment includes all of the services provided with the Premium Bath and Trim, as well as full body clipping or basic scissoring of your pet.  Grooms are  “Pet Breed” standards, client's preference, or a customized style.


BowWow Bouffant

Extra charges may occur due to the following:

  •  De-matting - $15.00/each 15 minutes

           (15 minutes is included with your regular grooming                          services)

  •  Shaving off Matted Coats (coats that cannot be de-  matted) Fully matted all over - $10.00 and up. Extremely  matted/pelted coat  $25.00 and up
  •  De-shedding Treatment/each 15 minutes

           $10.00 (15 minutes is included with your regular grooming                 services)

  •  All pets with fleas or ticks will receive an all-natural flea  bath at the owner’s expense of $5-$10.
  •  Behaviorally-challenged , Special Needs, neglected or over  grown pets may incur an additional fee of $8-$25.00