Stillwater, Oklahoma and surrounding areas.

BowWow Bouffant

‚ÄčMobile Dog Grooming


Before contacting us please know:

(We get many inquiries daily and this list should answer most any question you have.)

  • We are unable to accept new grooming clients at this time. If your dog just needs a bath, we do have a part-time bather who is accepting bath clients.
  • We do have a client waitlist. If you'd like to be on this waitlist please let us know. Do know that our turnover rate is not high. To be on this list give us your name, number, address, dog's breed, weight, and what your pet needs. We will then add you to our list and call you if we get a spot open for your pet.
  • Full dog grooming(with haircuts) *start* at $55 for all dogs regardless of breed or size.
  • We only are able to groom in Stillwater.
  • If you have a dog who just needs a bath and basic, please let us know via phone or Facebook message and we will get back with you as soon as possible!

After reading the list above if you need to get into contact with us please visit our Facebook page and do so there. Thank you and have a blessed day!